Break free

The clouds were imposing on that blustery night. But tiny beads of lights kept glimmering with an impetus of a crescendo across the city. Yellow. White. Green.

All that sparkled coalesced in harmony, refusing to acquiesce in the gloom. It offered a glint of hope. To break free of the mundane and dive into the unknown. To relinquish the regular and take a chance with the adventure.


My reverie was cut short by a woman with two enormous bags walking hurriedly down the street. Unable to bear the weight against the frigid air, she kept putting the bags down after every uncalculated distance. The moist, heavy breeze didn’t deter her speed. She kept moving. But the bags weighed her down.


Out came a male figure onto the street. A faint, unrecognizable lilt accompanied his flinging hands. He wanted her back. He tried to confine her within his wills. She didn’t flutter. And marched forward. She shunned those bags. I could sense she wanted to break free. But I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

Majestic white wings ferreted out the back, transforming her into a volant being as she altered gravity to shoot off into the sky. Up, up, and away in no time! Buoyantly, she took her chance with adventure on a whim. And kissed the rarefied air of freedom after a long time.

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