Prime Day deals: FOMO & dramatic decisions!

I took horrible insipid decisions during the last Prime Day deals.

Fear of missing out made me buy unicorn-shaped crewets, miniature cutlasses, and kitsch knick-knacks — objects that no longer drive any visceral satisfaction.

Building a more meaningful world.

Similarly, dramatic people with overdramatic views will soon realize that acting on their whim and jumping on the bandwagon to complement the separatist rhetoric will no longer drive pleasure.

I sincerely hope that wiseacre cynicals would, one day, ponder on their role in lacerating the social fabric of beautiful countries. Because anger and hatred are the modern day sugar and chips. Excess of either leads to undesired consequences for all of us to discern.

I am a possibilist and still think we can stop exuding vermin. Because countries, cultures, and generations are not rocks. They are in constant transition. And slow change is also change.

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